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About Real PH

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20 Years Experience

The best property finder for Philippine real estate

Whether you’re buying, renting or selling, REAL provides you with the tools that you need to achieve success. Our goal is to give you the best experience in listing or searching for properties online.

Managed by real estate marketing experts

REAL is managed and staffed by the same group of people who build Agent Image – the leading provider of websites and digital marketing to over 18,000 real estate agents and brokers in the United States, and other countries.

Time tested strategies that work

Our two decades of experience through Agent Image has exposed us to the real estate industry's most effective sales and marketing strategies. We know how to combine the latest online tools & techniques with the traditional art of selling homes and other properties.


REAL incorporates the wisdom and insights we’ve gained from working in some of the most mature markets in the world with our own intimate knowledge of the Philippine real estate scene to provide the highest level of service to every market stakeholder. With our sister company, Agent Image, we have helped thousands of real estate companies in the U.S. and the world achieve their marketing objectives through these services:

  • Real Estate Web Development
  • Search Engine Placement
  • Buyer/Seller tools
  • Web Hosting
  • Lead Generation
  • Listing Inventory Management
  • Interactive Listing Presentations

How We Help Buyers & Sellers

REAL connects home buyers sellers and renters with developers brokers agents and other real estate professionals through a comprehensive and easy-to-use real estate website.

We provide an extensive listing site that includes all property types in the Philippines, with a special focus on offices and commercial listings. 

We keep our listing information accurate and updated including listing prices property descriptions and real estate representatives. Our listings feature high-quality photographs videos downloadable flyers and interactive virtual tours. We employ the latest digital marketing innovations such as mobile optimization and responsive design to bring the home shopping experience conveniently at users’ fingertips using any device.

Our directory of real estate professionals and developers includes the most reputable names in the industry.


What Drives Us

Using our technical expertise and hands-on experience in real estate marketing REAL aims to help take the Philippine real estate marketplace to a higher level of exposure and competitiveness using the latest online technologies.

The Future

As the Philippines marches on to a bright economic future and with more Filipinos getting the opportunity to realize their dream of homeownership we see our services evolving to match the ever-changing needs of the real estate market.


REAL is not associated with any developer or real estate professional. We maintain our independence and integrity in providing an online venue for home sellers and real estate professionals to connect with buyers sellers and renters.