Are you an avid moviegoer? Movies are so popular in the Philippines, and in Metro Manila alone there are dozens of places where you can watch a screening of all the latest titles. These cinemas usually offer the same experience, however.


If you're looking to elevate your movie-going experience, we highly recommend trying out the 4DX cinema at Bonifacio High Street Cinemas.


What is 4DX?


We're sure you're familiar with 3D movies, and if you've been to Enchanted Kingdom, you might have experienced the amusement park's 4D theater. 4DX is something similar with the latter -- it provides a wonderfully immersive experience through the use of various environment and motion system effects. Each of these are well-timed and choreographed based on the movie to create a memorable cinematic experience that you'll definitely want to enjoy again.


For each scene of the movie, you'll feel a variety of effects that perfectly complement whatever you're watching. Expect spine-chilling vibrations and cold air for scary horror movies. Feel the wind in your hair and smell the scents of an amazing meal. Each of the effects a 4DX experience brings corresponds well to whatever you're watching.


The first of its kind in the Philippines


In 2014, Ayala Cinemas brought 4DX technology to Philippine shores, with the first 4DX theater making its home at the Bonifacio High Street Cinemas. It's inaugural show? A dazzling motion picture screening of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," augmented with a variety of effects!


Watching a movie screening in a 4DX theater is almost like being in the movie itself. Aside from compelling audio/visual effects, your cinematic experience will be heightened by special 4DX motion chairs that can move anyway it wants. Then there are the other special effects, like light rain, mist, smoke, and even fog. A flash of lightning might even make you jump out of your seat. Sounds fun, right?


Exercise precaution, though. If you're prone to dizziness and vertigo, you might want to watch in the regular cinemas as the 4DX theater might be too much for you. Better be safe than sorry!


There is only one 4DX theater in Bonifacio High Street Cinemas, so book your tickets for the screening you want in advance. A ticket for a movie with 4DX technology costs around P450. For a list of schedule and screenings, check out

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